I have been practicing photography seriously for the last 30 years or so and have been making photographs consistently through those years. My favourite medium is black and white film photography printed on silver gelatin paper in my own darkroom. Nothing is quite as satisfying as the journey from anticipating an event, or coming across a scene, to the moment of holding a final print in my hands. The choices and decision making options offered by traditional photographic methods suit me. It provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that is an antidote to the instant feedback expectations of the modern world.

My favourite subjects range from the dynamic atmosphere of live music, shooting fast and instinctively , to the contemplative landscapes which open up on long walks in more remote parts of the Australian bush and around the world. In between, the seductive nature of much of my Sydney home town and its surrounds is a constant attraction.

Photo by Anthony Browell

Tony Egan – Photo by Anthony Browell

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