Portfolio Summary

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I began photographing gigs and concerts seriously in around 1999. Here is a selection of that work. Most of it is shot on black and white film and the negatives scanned to create these digital files. At all these concerts I was a regular ticket-paying punter.

A high quality Blurb book of a selection of this work is available for purchase HERE:


I’ve been to many cities around the world but the wonders of Sydney and its surrounds seem never ending. Even within a city of 4 million it is possible to drive for 25 minutes and find a place where you can feel almost completely alone.




I have barely touched the monumental landscape of Australia and look forward to continuing to travel further north and west in the years ahead.


Since about 2004 I have been fortunate to have travelled regularly most years and have trodden meekly along paths left by many fine photographers. Point Lobos, New Mexico, Yosemite, NY City, Joshua Tree National Park and many points in between.


While I retain a passion for black and white film photography I am a regular user of digital cameras for colour. The low light capability of modern digital SLRs is spectacular. Much of my concert photography since about 2014 is now in colour under the lower intensity LED lighting which is almost universal in venues now. On my travels, in tourist mode, the digital SLR is always by my side.

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