Visiting vs Photographing

I find there is quite a difference in what you notice when visiting a location for one purpose compared to visiting it with the express purpose of photographing something about it. I have an early rising photo friend who likes to arrive somewhere well before sunrise and we go out about once a month usually to a location within about 50 or 60 kms from home.

Our most recent trip was to Balmoral Beach and I was looking at it through photographic eyes so to speak. Previously visits had usually been for summer beach trips with family. I usually only have a film camera of some kind with me while my friend uses a digital SLR. If not for the urging of my friend I would not appreciate that there are some older men who seem perfectly at ease swimming in the seas baths at 5am in the middle of winter with an air temperature of 8 degrees. And not just one.

It is always a joy to see the pre-dawn sky lighten and to experience the overwhelming change to the landscape when the sun breaches the horizon. I exposed a couple of rolls of film in my Mamiya 7. The shots are fairly pedestrian but I did see Balmoral Beach in a different light, to excuse the pun. I will probably go back again in future with a few more ideas.



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